25 kw solar system price in pakistan .

25 kw solar system price in Pakistan

Are you wondering what is a 25 kw solar system price in Pakistan? With the successful installation of Net Metering, you may purchase a 25KW solar system in Pakistan for approximately Rs. 29,50,000/-PKR from us. One of the most significant historical innovations is the development of solar power systems, which allows us to produce free electricity, lessen our reliance on fossil fuels, and protect the environment. The 25kva solar system is one of the most often utilized commercial solar systems. Residential properties also frequently have this installed. Due to its large capacity, the system is best suited for locations with heavy power consumption. 


Sr. No.System DescriptionPer Watt CostTotal cost
125 Kilowatt79 / per watt1969280


Item DetailsQtyPrice per unitTotal
PV Solar Panels N Type Technology  Grade Tier 1 PV 250004439995280
Inverter On Grid 25 kilowatts1450000450000
Installation CostNOS100000100000
Structure  L-2 GALVANIZE225000110000
Protection  Complete DP Box ( SPDS, AC/DC breakers, safety breakers, cable ties, pipe duct, thimbles, and other accessories )NOS5000050000
Net Metering1150000150000
DC/AC Cables As required 220/meter A grade21950039000


125 Kilowatt1969280
3Annual Return (Saving/ System Prize)67%
4Payback Period1.5 Years

25 kw solar system price in Pakistan

A 25 KVA solar system can be purchased for as little as 2000000 to 25,00,000 Rupees (20 lakhs to 25 lakhs). For between $9000 and $11000 in USD, you can also buy or install this system if you don’t reside in Pakistan. For this amount, you could efficiently operate many air conditioners, fans, and other appliances in your four to five large family houses or workplaces. The price includes all necessary accessories or things essential for setting up this system.

Electricity Units per Month

This system produces about 2800 to 3000 units of power monthly, which is more than enough for big homes with heavy electricity use, small enterprises, and commercial spaces.

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Available Solar System Types:

25KW On-Grid System in Pakistan

Because this technology is linked to the electrical grid, you may store power in the utility station. During days when there is surplus electricity exported to the grid, you can use it. In Pakistan, you may even get paid for any extra power you supply to the system through net metering. Pakistan’s 25kW on-grid solar system has the lowest cost since it doesn’t need costly batteries.

Pakistan’s 25KW Off-Grid Solar Installed

Batteries are required to store the extra power generated by this system for use at other times, including at night. Owing to the high cost of batteries that need to be changed after just ten years, we offer a premium price of 25kW off-grid solar systems.

Pakistani Hybrid Solar System with 25kw

A hybrid solar system is the optimal option for those who desire to utilize both net metering and batteries. But Pakistan has the highest rate of 25kW solar systems because of installing the net meter and the batteries.

Factors Affecting 25 kw solar system price in Pakistan

Since every client has different wants and situations, the solar system they require varies depending on these factors. Solar Panels Price in Pakistan, structure, inverter and cables. These specifications affect how much a 25 kW solar system costs in Pakistan. In Pakistan, we provide the most affordable pricing for 25kW solar systems. 

About How Many Appliances Can a 25 Kw Solar System Handle?

Enough electricity may be produced continually by an extensive 25kw solar system to power a large family house or office. It may generate hundreds of kilowatt-hours (kWh) daily to power several electric devices or appliances in our houses, such as thirty energy savers or lights. 25 Fan Inverters Five AC inverters 1.5 lbs. Three Televisions, Three freezers, One presser or iron Fridges, two laundry machines, One oven, Two Desktops, and Five Computers. 

How Much Energy Is Produced by a 25 Kw Solar System?

 A vast energy production system, a 25kw solar system, can create at least 100 units, or 100kwh, daily. The average AC-equipped home consumes just 20 to 25 units a day, but it may create up to 100 units quickly enough to power four or five homes. A 25 kW solar system may produce thousands of units annually or 3,000 monthly. After installing this system at our houses, we can sell the excess energy we generate to the government of Pakistan through a procedure known as net metering. 

What Is the Potential Savings on a 25 Kw Solar System?

The price per unit in Pakistan is costly and ranges from 30 to 40 Rupees. The 100 units this 25 kW solar system produces daily add up to savings of 3,000–4,000 rupees per day and 90,000–120,000 rupees per month. It might result in annual savings of millions of rupees throughout the year. It suggests that even if we cannot use this massive quantity of energy in our homes or places of business, we may sell it to the government and get paid by the power company via net metering


 With a 25kW solar system, what can I run? 

A large house or small business may power nearly all its appliances with a 25kW solar system. Lights, fans, air conditioners, water pumps, irons, refrigerators, LED TVs, PCs, and more may all be operated by it. 

How many solar panels do I need for a 25KW system?

Enough solar panels for 25000 watts of power are required for a 25kW solar system. The panels’ power capability determines the figure. For instance, you will require either merely 42 600-watt- or 63 400-watt panels.

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