7kw solar system price in pakistan 2023

Since its founding, Pakistan has had energy shortages. People have to deal with many problems as a result throughout the summer. People have installed 7kW Solar Systems due to the high temperatures and strong summer heat. Due to its affordability and capacity to provide clean and economical power, solar systems have had tremendous success both in Pakistan and throughout the world. Currently, the world’s cheapest source of electricity is solar energy. Grid power will inevitably get more costly as time passes since Pakistan is experiencing a severe energy crisis. After realizing this, many companies and house owners have chosen to switch to solar. You may create your power and relieve yourself of the electricity price increases that never seem to end with a Sympl solar system. By investing in solar power, you can ensure that your lifetime electricity costs will be as low as possible. A 7KW Off Grid Solar Power System will also provide dependable and unhindered power. 

What is the Pakistani cost of a 7 kW solar system? 

Solar Energy Price in Pakistan works to offer the greatest solar solutions at the most competitive prices to its clients. You may be confident that working with us will yield the greatest value possible since we never compromise on quality.Net metering-enabled 7 kW solar bundle includes market-leading components and the finest after-sales service. The 7 kW On-Grid solar system is exceptionally competitively priced in Pakistan at just $5,500, so you can be confident that your investment will pay off immediately! The cost of a 7kw solar system includes all applicable taxes. The purchasing price may vary slightly based on the client’s requirements. All pricing uses the State Bank of Pakistan’s publicly available official USD/PKR exchange rate. Any abrupt changes in taxation, government regulations, or the value of the rupee will influence the system pricing and be added to the customer’s bill.

The components of a 7 kW solar array 

  1. Tier 1 PV Modules (Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar, LONGi Solar, JA Solar) 545W Monocrystalline PERC PanelsInverter
  2. Custom elevated structure for the structure Box of Distribution
  3.  AC/DC Circuit breakers with surge protection Cables, AC/DC Monitoring of Relative Current Disconnect Ducts, 
  4. PVC pipes, switch nut bolts, Earthing wire, 
  5. lightning arrestors, and net metering Warranty (O&M: 2 years
  6. Structure: 5 years; Inverter: 5 years; Panels: 25 years) Remote System Monitoring and round-the-clock customer service System Installation Equipment You May Use 7 kW A load of around 750–900 units per month can be supported by our excellent 7 kW On-Grid solar system. 

This weight is roughly equivalent to 

2 A/C inverters, 1.5 tons, 

one freezer/refrigerator, 

10 Lights and 5 Fans, 

1 LED TV single washing machine, 

1 Iron other commonplace devices, such as chargers for smartphones and laptops.n order to install your system, many individuals are interested in learning how much a 7kw solar energy system prices in Pakistan. But first, consider the components of the 7kw solar system.

 A 7kW solar system has how many solar panels? How much space is needed? 

A 7kW solar array with 275 watts (W) to 320 watts (W) modules will have 25–28 panels total. The average size of a panel is 1.7 m2. Therefore a 7 kW solar system will need a roof area of 40 to 48 m2 or perhaps more, depending on how your roof looks and whether tilt frames, which need to be spaced apart more than panels set flush on the roof, are needed. Residential solar panels can range in power output from 250 to 400 watts (0.25 to 0.4 kW) per panel. Accordingly, a 7kW solar system would require between 18 and 28 home solar panels. Each panel’s power rating would determine the precise number of solar panels. 

How much electricity is generated by a 7 kW solar system? 

A 7 kW solar power system’s production will vary depending on several variables. These elements consist of 

  1. Location (for instance, 
  2. Darwin produces a lot more energy than Hobart), 
  3. Solar panel array orientation and tilt angle,  
  4. The extent to which adjacent objects shadow the panels’ operating temperature. 

Generally speaking, a 7kW solar panel system will produce 28 to 40 kWh (kiloWatt-hours) of electricity daily, or 850–1200 kWh of energy per month. However, the normal output of a 7kW solar system will be greatly influenced by the environment in which it is installed. 

Cost-Relating Factors for the Solar System 

Several variables influence the price of a 7kW solar system in Pakistan. These elements consist of 

1. Efficiency and quality of solar panels The performance and quality of the solar panels employed in the system significantly impact its costs. Modern high-efficiency panels are often more costly but provide superior performance and durability over time. 

2. Technology Using Inverters The inverter converts the direct current (DC) generated by the solar panels into alternating current (AC), which is used to power electrical appliances. The kind and caliber of the inverter influence the system’s efficiency and pricing. 

3. Installation and Mounting The complex nature of the project, the kind of roof, and the human resources required can all affect the cost of mounting the solar panels and the installation procedure itself. When installing, considerations like roof orientation and shade should be made. 

4. Governmental Measures and Rewards Government policies like net metering and subsidies may greatly influence solar system costs. Solar systems are now more reasonably priced for customers in Pakistan because of a variety of incentives and laws that are in place to promote the use of renewable energy sources. 

Regular Savings 7 kW System 

You may save up to Rs. 18,000 per month on your power cost with a 7 kW system. This results in annual savings of around Rs. 216,000. Please remember that these savings will only grow in the future, given the ever-rising cost of power.

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