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Solar power has become a popular alternative energy source in Pakistan over the past few years. The abundance of sunlight in Pakistan and the growing demand for energy-efficient solutions have made solar energy popular. Solar inverters are a vital part of solar power systems. They convert the direct current solar cells generate into AC, suitable for homes and businesses. The article examines the solar inverter’s price in Pakistan, but its price mostly depend upon on solar panels price in Pakistan if the panel price decrease inverter demand increase and effect the solar inverter price.

Three phase solar panels inverter price in Pakistan

Brand / kilo watt/specificationPriceStatusContact us
INVT 1800/2200 Kilo Watts 3 phase110000in stockContact us
INVT 1500/1800 Kilo Watts 3 phase53000in stockContact us
INVT 1100/1500 Kilo Watts 3 phase42500in stockContact us
INVT 700/1100 Kilo Watts 3 phase37000in stockContact us
INVT 500/700 Kilo Watts 3 phase30000in stockContact us
INVT 400/500 Kilo Watts 3 phase28800in stockContact us

Solar Inverter Market in Pakistan

Due to the government’s incentives, increased awareness about renewable energy and falling costs, there has been a remarkable increase in solar inverter sales in Pakistan. Solar inverters are becoming more available and diverse as the need for solar power increases. It has led to increased competition among consumers and lower prices.

Factors Affecting Solar Inverter Prices

In Pakistan, the cost of solar inverters is influenced by several factors. These include.

  1. Inverter capacity: There are many solar inverters, from residential inverters ranging from a few hundred Watts to commercial inverters with several Megawatts. Inverters tend to cost more when they have a higher capacity.
  2. Technology and Efficiency: Solar inverters use different technologies, such as central inverters (string inverters), microinverters (microinverters) and others, all with differing levels of efficiency. Prices are generally higher for more sophisticated and efficient technologies.
  3. Brand and Quality: Many brands have an established system that produces high quality. Inverters of They are reliable and deliver better quality and performance. Although they could be slightly higher priced, purchasing a brand with a great reputation will ensure durability and long-term service.    
  4. Features and Functionality: The cost of inverters with advanced monitoring systems, Smart Grid capabilities, and battery integration is higher. Additional features enhance the functionality and versatility of the system.

Solar Inverter Price Range:

The price of inverters for solar energy can vary depending on several factors. Inverters with capacities of 1-5 Kilowatts are priced between PKR 25,000 and PKR 150,000. Prices for inverters with 10 kW to multiple megawatts range from PKR 150,000 to PKR 250,000, depending on the specific requirements.

Inverter Warranty and Support

It is important to consider the warranty and support provided by the manufacturer or supplier when assessing the price of solar inverters. To protect you against any possible failures or defects, reputable brands provide extended warranties. It is essential to have a good customer support network in place for timely assistance.

Benefits of Investing in Solar Inverters

  1. Energy Independence: Solar inverters allow electricity to be produced by individuals, families, and businesses. It reduces reliance on national grids and lowers electricity bills.
  2. Environmental Impact: The sun’s energy is renewable and clean, and it helps to reduce greenhouse gasses and fight climate change.
  3. Cost Savings: Solar inverters are cost-effective as solar energy becomes a sustainable, long-term solution. Savings from reduced electricity costs can be used to recover your initial investment in a matter of years.
  4. Increased Property Value: The increased market value of solar-powered businesses and homes is due to the reduced energy cost and a greener image.


Solar inverter manufacturers have significantly increased as Pakistan has embraced solar energy to replace other power sources. Prices for solar inverters vary depending on the brand, capacity and technology.

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