2kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

Currently, the 2kw Solar System Price in Pakistan is roughly 220,000 rupees. The price mostly depends on the solar panel price. A powerful, efficient, and adaptable manufactured product, the 2 KW Solar Panel System Is capable of meeting the electrical needs of home use. Uninterruptible power supplies can be provided by a 2 KW solar panel system, and the product comes with an unbeatable warranty. Simply select the desired size, mount it, and begin saving for more modest needs. 




A Summary of the 2kw Solar System Price in Pakistan 

Even though a 2 kW solar system costs a lot of money, it is a one-time investment because, if you install one in your home, you can get your money’s worth within 1 to 2 years and, with proper care, continue to use solar energy for at least another 20 years. The 25-year warranties offered by these solar panel manufacturers can be extended with the right maintenance and care. Your solar panels can be harmed by dust and bird droppings, but by cleaning them frequently, you can lengthen their lifespan. 

On a 2kW Solar System, these Appliances You Can Run?

 Only a few devices or appliances in your home can be powered by a 2 kW solar panel system, and the ones we’ll talk about here are; Four to five inverter fans Eight to ten Energy Savers One TV, and one washing machine one water pumps Cellphone chargers 

Can a 2kW Solar System Produce Enough Power? 

Only 10 to 15 units may be produced daily by a 2 kW solar system, but it can generate 2000 watts of power each hour, enough to power the majority of our household’s essential appliances. If you wish to power your air conditioner with solar energy, your property must have a minimum 6kw solar system installed. 

What is a 2kW Solar System? 

A photovoltaic (PV) system with a 2 kW power output is referred to as a 2kW solar system. It has wiring, mounting frameworks, solar panels, an inverter, and other necessary parts. This system offers an affordable option for power generation and is perfect for home and small-scale business applications. 

Types of 2kw solar system 

On-grid Solar System in Pakistan 

Off-grid Solar System in Pakistan 

Hybrid Solar System in Pakistan 

On-Grid Solar System

In Pakistan, an on-grid solar system is also known as a grid-tie or grid-feed system. Grid-tied or on-grid solar systems are often employed by both domestic consumers and businesses. Battery-free solar systems do not require them. The additional solar power produced by your solar system is exported to the electrical grid through these, which are linked to the grid. Solar energy is produced by solar panels into Direct Current electricity, sometimes referred to as PV photovoltaic energy, which is then transformed into Alternating Current electricity via an inverter for use in household appliances. 

Solar Off-Grid System 

Battery storage is required because an off-grid solar system is not connected to the electricity grid. Off-grid solar power systems provide electricity and have sufficient battery storage to operate household appliances. Purchase a 3kw solar power system in Pakistan that is affordable and practical for a small family.The off-grid solar system is preferable for rural places because it is more expensive than on-grid solar systems. 

Hybrid Solar System 

Several types of hybrid solar systems mix solar power with battery storage. This technology, which is the most practical in Pakistan, exports the excess power produced to the grid and uses it when load shedding occurs. 

Benefits of 2kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

Decreased electricity bills: Reduced electricity bills are one benefit of a 2KW solar system. You may considerably lessen your dependency on the grid and save your energy costs by producing your power. 

Environmentally Friendly: Solar energy is clean and renewable, helping to battle global warming by lowering carbon emissions. 

Energy Independence: Installing a solar system reduces your reliance on the utility company and gives you more control over your energy usage. 

Return on expenditure: The reduction in power costs over time may more than balance the original expenditure, providing long-term financial advantages. 

Low Maintenance: Cleaning and inspections are the only regular maintenance tasks needed to keep solar panels operating at their best. 

Factors Affecting Solar System Price in Pakistan 

The pricing of solar panels in Pakistan is mostly affected by two factors: First off, costs for solar panels are significantly lower than they were only a few months ago since the Pakistani government no longer prohibits their import from nations like China and the USA. Second, costs in Pakistan are cheap right now because the rupee is steady compared to the dollar, but when the dollar rate is higher, prices go up.  


What is the price of a 2kW solar system in Pakistan? 

As the value of the dollar fluctuated daily, the cost of solar panels increased daily. Prices for 2 kw solar systems begin at 200 Rupees per watt. 

How many solar panels will I need for a 2kW inverter? 

For a 2kw inverter, 4X 550W solar panels would be placed. 

How many batteries are required for a 2kW solar system? 

To install backup batteries for fans and LED lights at night, you may install one or two batteries that are charged by solar energy during the day.

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