30 kW Solar System Price In Pakistan

30 KW Solar System Price In Pakistan

Businesses are suffering from the rising cost of power, reducing savings and decreasing revenues significantly. Large enterprises may be able to handle the issue, but manufacturers and small businesses need help. A 30 KW solar system price in Pakistan can help these kinds of enterprises better their circumstances by providing power from the solar system. In addition to saving them money, this will affect the environment and their business.


Sr. No.System DescriptionPer Watt CostTotal cost
130 kw75/ per watt2456880


Item DetailsQtyPrice per unitUnit
PV Solar Panels  Longi Himo6 Grade Tier 1 PV  ( 570 to 585 watts)56381244880
Inverter on grid1800000800000
Installation Cost 3 rupees per wattNOS5000050000
Structure L 214550077000
Protection Complete DP Box ( SPDS, AC/DC breakers, safety breakers, cable ties, pipe duct, thimbles, and other accessories )NOS6000060000
Net metering fee1150000150000
DC Cables 6mm Coil (Imported Cable, Flexible, Non Flammable) EstimatedNos88/foot40000
Total cost2456880

Due to its low cost and capacity to provide inexpensive, clean power, solar systems have been a great success in Pakistan and across the world. Currently, the world’s least expensive source of electricity is solar energy. With a solar system solution producing your power, you can free yourself of the burden of consistently rising electricity costs. You can guarantee the lowest power costs by making a single solar investment for the rest of your life.

30 KW Solar System Price In Pakistan 

Pakistan solar panel prices in Pakistan offer the greatest solar solutions at the most competitive prices to their clientele. This 30 kW solar package includes the greatest after-sales assistance and industry-leading components. It is also net Metering enabled. The cost of a 30 kw solar system with 6500–7000 monthly units of output is estimated to be between Rs. 250000 and Rs. 300000 in Pakistan as of 2024.

Included in this pricing are all applicable government taxes. The buying price could change a little based on what the consumer wants. Every price is determined using the State Bank of Pakistan’s official USD/PKR exchange rate. Any abrupt changes to government regulations, tax laws, or the value of the rupee will influence the system pricing and be passed through to the client.

Parts of 30 KW solar system

The parts of a solar system that produces 

  • 30 kW JA Solar, Jinko Solar, Longi Solar, and Canadian Solar panels. These are Tier 1 PV modules. 
  • Structure: Generic elevated structure OR standard ground-mounted structure 
  • Distribution Box: Surge Protection 
  • Device with AC/DC Breakers USB/AC Cords Disconnect for monitoring residual current 
  • Change the nut bolts, 
  • Inverter
  • PVC pipes and ducts 
  • Warranty for Lighting Arrestor,
  • Earthing Wire 
  • Net Metering 24-hour remote system monitoring post-purchase assistance. 

Equipment You Can Use On 30 KW Solar System

  • 30 kW On-Grid solar system can handle loads of between 6500 and 7000 monthly units. 
  • This load corresponds roughly to 8 AC Inverters, 1.55 tons 
  • 6 Freezer/Refrigerator 
  • 60 Lights 
  • 35 Fans, 
  • Six LED Televisions, 
  • Two washing machines, 
  • Two Irons, 

Additional standard utilities include laptop and mobile chargers. And a metering-compatible 30 kilowatt Solar Power System. You can even quadruple your savings with net Metering using a 30 kW solar system.

 How many panels use a 30kw solar system?

In such circumstances, a 30kva solar system can frequently be appropriate as it offers substantial power bill savings and emissions reductions within the parameters of a smaller rooftop. Generally speaking, a solar system with this capacity will need between 56 and 60 panels, depending on the kind and roof tilt.

30 KW Solar System Price In Pakistan with All the Information 

An advanced solar system with a 30 kilowatt capacity can generate around 220 power units daily. Around 56 590 watt solar panels are required. It will take at least 180–250 square meters of area to install a 30kW system. Medium-sized companies and organizations, big homes, farms, small schools, gas stations, eateries, hotels, PGs, and guest houses are all good fits for this system. If you can utilize the electricity generated by the solar system, you can get a 30kW system for your home. However, having a vast roof area for this would be best.

Regarding the payback period

 A high-quality 30 kilowatt system will pay for itself in full in three to six years. Savings per Month Using a 30 kva Setup Your monthly power bill can be reduced by up to Rs. 200000 with a 30 kW system. The results in annual savings of about Rs. 2400000. Please keep in mind that these savings will only increase going forward due to the ongoing increase in the price of electricity.

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