20KW Solar System Price In Pakistan

Solar systems have been incredibly successful in Pakistan and around the world because of their affordability and ability to produce power that is both inexpensive and clean. So you have to know 20KW Solar System Price In Pakistan. Currently, the world’s least expensive source of electricity is solar energy.


Sr. No.System DescriptionPer Watt CostTotal cost
120 kw75 per watt1768200


Item DetailsQtyPrice per unitUnit
PV Solar Panels /Jinko N Type Technology (A Grade Tier 1 570 to 585 watts)4043/watt997600
Inverter  Solis 20 KW (On Grid)1370000370000
Installation CostJob3/w69600
Frames (L2) C Type 14 Gage Fixed with complete accessories205500110000
DC/AC Protection  Complete DB Box ( SPDS, AC/DC breakers, safety breakers, cable ties, pipe duct, and other accessories )NOS6000060000
DC Cables 6mm Coil (Imported Cable, Flexible, Non Flammable)2 (As required Negotiable)19000 (Each Coil)38000
DC Earthing Cable3(As Required Negotiable)14000 (Each Coil)42000
AC/DC Earthing (earthing bore, bare copper 99.9%, coper rode, earthing cable and PVC pipe with lighting arrester fitting)32700081000
Total Price Complete Project1768200


1Total cost1768200
2Per Month units Generation (KWH)3000 to 35000 units (approximately)
4Payback Period1.5 Years


Solar panel as per manufacturer30 years liner performance warranty, 12 years product warranty
InverterAs Per Company warranty

There are different solar system use in Pakistan like 3kw solar system ,7kw solar system ,10 kw solar system and go on. Here we offer best solar panel price in Pakistan for 20kw solar system. Grid power will undoubtedly get more expensive over time due to Pakistan’s dire energy situation. Many companies and families have made the decision to switch to solar power after realizing this. With a solar system, you may produce your own energy and free yourself from the constant hikes in electricity prices. Your lifetime electricity bills can be as low as feasible if you make a single investment in solar power.

In 20kw solar system how many panels are used?

The 20kW solar array would generate 75kWh on average every day. A 20kW solar system typically consists of 55 to 60 solar panels (you only need 55 of the 370w solar panels to reach 20kW) and either a 15kW or 20kW inverter, depending on the available solar panel wattage.

20kW Solar System Price in Pakistan Details

The price of a 20 kw solar system in Pakistan today ranges from 2500k to 3000k rupees (25 se 30 Lakh). The price range includes all required extras, such as solar panels, an inverter, batteries, frames, cables, shipping, installation fees, and circuit boards.

Solar panels:

Any solar system starts with solar panels. A 20kW system uses premium photovoltaic (PV) panels that have a combined output of 20 kW. These solar panels convert sunlight into electrical power, which is known as direct current (DC) power.


The solar panels’ direct current (DC) electricity is transformed into alternating current (AC) energy via an inverter. An appropriate inverter is put in a 20kW solar system to guarantee effective and dependable conversion.

Structures for Mounting

Mounting structures are used to stably mount the solar panels. The stability and endurance of the system are ensured by the use of strong materials in these buildings and their design to endure a variety of weather situations.

Electrical Parts

To guarantee that the generated power is properly distributed and protected, the system also comprises a number of electrical components, including wire, switches, and safety equipment.

Systems for Measuring and Monitoring 20kw solar system

Metering and monitoring systems are combined in order to precisely measure the power generation and track the system’s performance. These programs offer real-time information on energy generation, enabling users to monitor their financial savings and system effectiveness.

The various 20kw solar system types:

The following are the three main types of 20kW solar systems:

20kw Pakistani On-Grid Solar System: These systems are referred to as grid-tie or on-grid solar systems since they are linked to the grid. They store extra power in grid stations and account for it via net metering.

20kw Pakistani OFF-Grid Solar System: Batteries are attached to off-grid solar systems, providing backup power as necessary.

Pakistani 20KW Hybrid Solar System: When linked to the utility, they function as grid-tie systems, and when connected to batteries, they function as off-grid systems. Because these hybrid solar systems may be used as both off-grid and on-grid solar systems, they have two benefits.

How Much Power Is Produced by a 20 KW Solar System?

A powerful 20kw solar system can generate electricity for your house, workplace, Masjid School, and other buildings. A 20-kilowatt solar system has a production capacity of 70 to 80 units per day and 2400 units monthly. It can produce a significant quantity of energy every day—at least 70,000–80,000 watts. When a 20kw solar system is installed at home, “NET METERING“—the practice of selling excess energy to the government or power provider—can be done.

On a 20kw Solar System, How Many Appliances Can You Run?

Several electric appliances or gadgets can be powered by this amount of current, including:

  • Twenty inverter fans
  • 30 Energy-saving bulbs
  • 4 Inverter AC
  • Water Pump 2
  • 2-machine laundry Over-the-Fridge Big Iron
  • Refrigerators, four
  • two LED TVs
  • Laptop and mobile chargers

Production of 20kw solar system price in pakistan Solar System Capacity 20kw Annual Solar Unit Production 29,200 kwh Per Unit Charge (Off-peak) 55 RS Savings 584,000 RS Payback Period 4 Years.

How Much Savings Can We Expect from a 20kW Solar System?

A 20kw solar system is able to produce enormous amounts of energy, which allows it to save thousands of rupees per month and millions of rupees annually. In Pakistan, the cost per unit is quite high, averaging between 30 and 40 Rupees. Therefore, this approach may save between 2400 and 3000 rupees every day, or 90,000 rupees per month. We may save 10,00000 rupees (10 Lakh) for the entire year. In doing this, we may repay our money in three to four years. We can use this energy for more than 20 years after three years have passed because solar panels may last at least 25 years.

The advantages of a 20kW Solar System

Energy Cost Savings with a 20kW Solar System: Your monthly electricity expenses can be greatly decreased or eliminated if you generate your electricity using solar energy, resulting in long-term cost savings.

Environmentally Friendly: Reducing reliance on fossil fuels and producing no greenhouse gas emissions, solar energy is clean and renewable. It therefore contributes to the upkeep of a safer and more hygienic atmosphere.

Return on Investment: The original investment spent in constructing the solar system may be recovered over time by the cost savings from lower power bills, offering a positive return on investment.

Energy Independence: With a solar system, you may have a regular and dependable power source, even during power outages or fluctuations, and you become less reliant on the grid.

Long-Term Durability: Premium solar panels are built to endure a range of environmental factors, assuring their lifespan and toughness.

Increased Property Value: A home with a solar system often has a greater market value and draws prospective purchasers who respect environmentally friendly living.

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