Osaka Battery Price In Pakistan

Osaka batteries are highly praised. They are acknowledged as dependable power sources. They provide a range of batteries to accommodate various power needs. In this article, we will examine the Osaka Battery Price In Pakistan,these batteries by providing an overview, examining the cost of Osaka batteries in Pakistan, going over the many varieties, and going over the advantages.

Many may have gone battery shopping in the past. But let’s face it, choosing the right battery to purchase isn’t always simple. That assertion is further supported by the fact that there is very little to no information available online in Pakistan. Nonetheless, being aware of the industry’s top players is beneficial. Speaking of which, one of those major players is Osaka. 

Osaka Battery Price In Pakistan

They are among Pakistan’s most well-known battery producers. The company makes a range of batteries for cars and inverters. They have been doing it for more than 19 years as of right now. 

You can choose from a large product catalogue offered by Osaka. They feature maintenance-free batteries as well as batteries for cars and motorcycles. Osaka provides customer service via several regional offices spread across the country. Different Osaka batteries prices in pakistan. Solar batteries are used with solar panels.

Solar Series:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price (PKR)
SR100A955Rs. 14,300
SOLAR 50520Rs. 6,400

Light Osaka batteries:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price (PKR)
S70R/L+1250Rs. 13,500
S75R/L+950Rs. 13,000
S100A+1172Rs. 17,000
S50R/L+934Rs. 11,000
CR65L+1140Rs. 11,500
S65R/L+1140Rs. 12,500
S105R/L+1380Rs. 17,500
S85ZR/L+1160Rs. 14,800
V110ZR/L+1585Rs. 19,900
NS95R/L+1370Rs. 16,900

Medium Batteries – Platinum Series:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price (PKR)
Platinum P-135 S1710529499
Platinum P-140 S1711031999
Platinum T-125 S1510027499
Platinum P-150 S1911532489

Heavy Batteries – Platinum Series price in pakistan

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price (PKR)
Platinum P-250 S2718051000
Platinum P-260 S2718053220
Platinum P-290 Z3327562999
Platinum P-180 S2113038000
Platinum P-270 S3120054770
Platinum P-210 S2315546999
Platinum P-175 S19120Rs. 31,000
Platinum P-200 S21130Rs. 34,900
Platinum P-190 S23145Rs. 33,900
Platinum P-225 S25175Rs. 42,000

Osaka tubular battery price in pakistan

Model NumberPleate Per CellPrices

Osaka Battery Motorcycle Price in Pakistan

ModelA.H (20 Hr)Price (PKR)
NP7-127.2Rs. 2,770
Supreme 87Rs. 3,500
Supreme 65Rs. 2,300
Super 75Rs. 1,950
NP5-125Rs. 2,150
Supreme 4 GEL3Rs. 1,360
Super 65Rs. 1,950
Supreme 109Rs. 3,940
6-GFM-1818Rs. 6,250
Super 109Rs. 2,950
Super 87Rs. 2,360
Supreme 43Rs. 1,250
NP12-1212Rs. 4,400
Super 43Rs. 990

Generator Series:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price (PKR)
12GEN-MR45725Rs. 8,200
12GEN-MR35520Rs. 6,450

IPS Series:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price (PKR)
IPS 130021130Rs. 36,300
IPS 120019120Rs. 33,600
IPS 160023160Rs. 39,700
IPS 200025170Rs. 43,700

Maintenance Free Batteries – Platinum Series:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price (PKR)
MF 110 R/L1590Rs. 21,500
MF 80 R/L1175Rs. 16,500
MF 100 R/L1380Rs. 19,000
MF 50 R/L938Rs. 10,700
MF 70 R/L1148Rs. 13,000
MF 72 R/L1248Rs. 14,300
MF 60 R/L1140Rs. 12,000
MF 75 R/L950Rs. 14,000
MF 40GEN520Rs. 6,750

DIN Series Maintenance Free Batteries:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price (PKR)
MF DIN 661366Rs. 26,500
MF DIN 881788Rs. 34,200
MF DIN 551155Rs. 22,800

Osaka Batteries Types

Osaka batteries are available in a number of kinds that are intended to satisfy different power needs and purposes. Here are a few Osaka models that are often seen: 

Lead-Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries are renowned for their dependability and affordability and are frequently used for backup power applications. Lead acid batteries are available in Osaka and provide dependable power backup for both residential and commercial properties. To meet a range of power needs, these batteries come in different capacities. 

Batteries in tubes

Tubular batteries are cylindrical, as the name suggests. There are numerous advantages to this design over other battery types. 

Its higher energy density and reliability make tubular batteries a desirable choice for high-demand power backup applications like UPSs. To satisfy these needs, Osaka provides tubular batteries in a range of capacities. 

Batteries that require no maintenance 

Osaka offers a range of maintenance-free batteries. It would be accurate for some to call these dry cell batteries. When using these batteries, acid does not need to be added.

 They don’t need an initial charge because they are already packed with electrolytes. They are long-lasting, corrosion-free, and robust. Many different maintenance-free battery options are available from Osaka, including the MF50L, MF60L, MF100R, and numerous others. 

Lead-Silver Batteries 

Compared to dry-cell or maintenance-free batteries, lead-acid batteries are more widely used. Although they are more expensive, they do need more attention and effort to get going. These are common in many cars, motorbikes, and homes. They are intended for vehicles with high performance. 

Osaka ensures that these batteries have a good 122% cold cranking power. Among the more well-liked choices is the Osaka S50+. It operates at 12 volts with a 34 amp ampere. 800–1000cc cars are the target market for it. Of course, if you require something more potent, there are more choices. 

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