3 HP Motor Price in Pakistan

3 HP motor price in Pakistan varies from band to band and condition to condition as these are mostly second-hand motors imported from different countries. Here are some famous brands such as Teco, Siemens, and Baldor Motors. These motors are available in 3-phase and 2-phase or single phase. Many factors decide the price of motor three phase motors are more costly than 2 phase. Some phase motor comes in big size, and the motors are more costly than small-size motors.Basically, these motors are used for small tub wells and CHAFF-CUTTER and other commercial purposes.

People in Pakistan mostly like imported second-hand motors instead of locally manufactured ones because these motors have better quality and are cheaper. Many people are converting toward green energy. The main factor is the decreasing price of solar panels in Pakistan.

Here are Different brand prices.

Motor BrandConditionPrices
Teco 3hp motor rateSecond handRs. 38000
Siemens 3hp motor priceSecond handRs. 36000
Baldor 3hp motor priceSecond handRs. 35500
reliance motor priceSecond handRs. 32000

How many solar panels are required to use 3 HP motors?

Here is a simple formula to calculate how many panels you need to use a 3 HP three-phase motor. You have to multiply 3*746 = 2238 divided by solar panel watts. For example, 2238/550= 4. It means you need a minimum of 4 panels to drive a 3 hp motor.

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