AGS Battary Price in Pakistan

The 1966-founded Atlas Battery Limited sells its batteries under the AGS brand. “GS” stands for Genzo Shimadzu, the founder of Japan Storage Battery Co. Ltd., now known as GS Yuasa Corporation, and “A” stands for Atlas.

When Atlas Battery Limited and its Japanese counterpart signed a collaboration agreement in 1969, AGS was born. The company produces a large range of batteries for heavy machinery, cars, motorcycles, and construction vehicles. Due to Japanese technology, the company has built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality batteries. we often need to use battaries with solar panels for different solar systems. Here we tell you different AGS Battary Price in pakistan.

AGS Battary Price in pakistan

AGS Battery 12V GL-100Rs. 11,010
AGS Battery 12V 195G51FRs. 24,420
AGS Battery 12V GL-190Rs. 21,520
AGS Battery 12V GX-165Rs. 17,110
AGS Battery 12V GX-175Rs. 18,250
AGS Battery 12V GX200FRs. 24,770
AGS Hybrid 12V HB-100Rs. 11,620
AGS Hybrid 12V HB-46Rs. 5,530
AGS Hybrid 12V HB-50Rs. 6,810
AGS Hybrid 12V HB-65Rs. 8,020

It is the top option for Honda cars made nearby because of this. It’s not easy to purchase a new battery for your car or house. People think you are an expert in everything and that you only shop at local vendors. Although some people find this useful, many others find it frustrating.

AGS Battary Price in Pakistan with plates

ModelPlatesAmpere (Ah)Price
AGS GR87116015,600
AGS GR85137022,950
AGS GR95137518,000
AGS 61TF 120158526,665
AGS GX1321710026,250
AGS GX1351910526,750
AGS GX1652112036,581
AGS GX1752314038,458
AGS GL1902315044,393
AGS GX2002717550,317

But AGS batteries are always able to avoid this problem. It is probably because of how well-known they are. Most likely, you’ve seen an AGS battery in your house, vehicle, or perhaps at a friend’s or relative’s house. They are well-represented in both local and online markets.

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