6kW Solar Systems Price In Pakistan

We consider the price of 6kW solar systems in Pakistan, yield, returns, and – most crucially – your potential savings. No matter the size of the solar system—6kW for a home, 5kW for an office—in Pakistan, we need a lot of energy to create and store it. We regularly update the pricing of solar panels on solar panel price in Pakistan. We only provide A-quality panels; we do not offer B or C-grade panels. You will lose money later if you save money today. Before purchasing a solar system from any vendor, always check the most recent pricing of solar panels in Pakistan.




A dependable and potent solution for both residential and commercial use is the 6KW Solar Panel System applications. Are you tired of paying enormous electric costs each month? You may produce free solar power with the help of our 6 kW hybrid solar system. A 6KW solar panel system can reduce your monthly power cost to around zero. You may also sell WAPDA/KSE any additional green power using net metering. 

6kW Solar Systems Price In Pakistan

 Nowadays, a 6kW solar system in Pakistan is priced at around 803600 Rupees. At this cost, every component or accessory required to install solar systems at a house or business, including solar panels, frames, cables, boards, batteries, inverters, shipping expenses, pipes, and installation charges, is included.

Only the solar panels price in pakistan are priced at approximately 224460 rupees , while the cost of other equipment was at least 350000 rupees In Pakistan, the price per watt is currently between 80 and 90 rupees, which is relatively cheap compared to a few months ago, particularly at the start of 2024.

6KW Solar System in Pakistan run these home appliances

1.5 ton AC Water Motor 10 Energy Savers or Lights Washing Machine 1 Iron 1 TV 1 Fridge/refrigerator 4 Fans Juicer blenders Mobile Chargers Using a robust 6 kW solar system, you can now produce your free energy and save money. These are the critical operations that take place daily in our houses.

We can apply a practice known as net metering to sell any excess power generated by this 6 kW solar system to the Pakistani government. We can earn money from net metering by selling the energy we generate from these solar panels. 

How Much Power Is Produced by a 6Kw Solar System? 

The maximum output of a 6kW solar system is 6000 watts per hour. Still, in most situations, it generates 4 to 5 KW, which is a tremendous amount of energy and more than enough to power all the appliances in a house or office. It can produce power from the sun in the range of 24 to 30 units per day and 750 to 850 units per month. The 6kw solar system in Pakistan has enough power to power a medium-sized home easily.

What kind of output can a 6KW solar system produce? 

While we can only need around 10 to 15 units of power per day in Pakistan, a 6kW solar system will create at least 20 to 24 units per day. Over the entire month, it will produce 600 to 700 units. The price per unit in Pakistan is exceptionally high, averaging between 30 and 40 Rupees, the highest price ever recorded in Pakistani history. A 6 kW solar system can save between 750 and 1000 Rupees per day and 30,000 Rupees monthly. Savings from a 6 kW solar system are around 3,00,000 (3 Lakh) Rupees a year. 

How much money can be saved with a 6KW solar system? 

Due to Pakistan’s costly electricity prices, many residents are switching to solar energy, which is entirely free. In Pakistan, the cost per unit is between 20 and 30 rupees. Each day, you can save 20 teams and 500 rupees. 

Can a House Be Powered by a 6kW Solar System? 

Yes, a 6kw solar system can readily power our home, even with ACs. A house typically uses 15 to 20 units per day, but it can produce 30, which is more than enough to power your entire home.

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