35 KW Solar System Price In Pakistan

With the effective deployment of Net Metering, Solar Panel Price in Pakistan has offered a 35 KW Solar System Price In Pakistan that is reasonable. The industrial sector is struggling as a result of declining product values, and rising raw material and power prices. However, the little sectors are the ones that are impacted by even the tiniest variations in pricing.


Sr. No.System DescriptionPer Watt CostTotal cost
135 kw72/ per watt3227000


Item DetailsQtyPrice per unitUnit
PV Solar Panels Jinko N Type Grade Tier 1  585 watts70401638000
Inverter Solis 35 kilowatts If available1700000700000
Installation Cost 4 rupees per wattNOS4 per watt163000
Structure Customized Estimated price GINOS6000500000
Protection Complete DP Box (AC/DC breakers, safety breakers, cable ties, pipe duct, thimbles, and other accessories)250000100000
DC Cables 6mm Coil (Imported Cable, Flexible, Non-Flammable) EstimatedNos88/foot40000
Nut Bolt etc. Rawel Bolt MC-4Nos2000020000
Total cost3227000

The large industries can still manage to deal with all of these swings. The 35 KW Solar System Price in Pakistan has consistently provided might assist these companies in stepping up their game. With the effective implementation of net metering, you can buy a 35KW solar system in Pakistan for only Rs. 30,50,000/- PKR. The industrial and commercial sectors are similarly affected by rising power rates to the extent that the household sector is.

In such a situation, large enterprises can still manage to survive, but small businesses and commercial locations find it very challenging. Solar energy is the ideal way to generate free electricity, reduce costs, and do away with excessive electricity bills. The 35 kW solar system is ideal for power usage that is higher than usual. The most affordable 35 kW solar system is best for household, business, and industrial customers in achieving energy independence. 

Monthly Units of Electricity 

The 35kw solar system is adequate for a bill of 4000–4200 units per month on average. For a 35 kW System.

How Many Solar Panels?

Each of today’s solar panels is capable of producing 585 watts. So, a 35 kW system will need 70 panels. But it depends on the panel watt. 

Different Solar System Types: 

35 kW, there are three different system types, which are as follows:

On-Grid Solar System of 35 KW in Pakistan 

The grid is connected to this system, which uses it to store any extra power it generates. You may even get paid for the power you export to the grid in Pakistan thanks to net metering. When grid energy is unavailable due to load shedding or blackouts, on-grid systems cannot offer backup. The price of a 35kW solar system in Pakistan is by far the lowest. 

Off-Grid Solar System of 35 KW Solar System Price In Pakistan

The off-grid method uses batteries to store power that may be utilized during load shedding or blackouts and is connected to them rather than the grid. The batteries are pricey, and the cost of a 35kW off-grid system in Pakistan may dramatically increase if you require a lot of them. 

Hybrid Solar System of 35 KW 

Thanks to the capabilities of both on-grid and off-grid systems, the hybrid solar system may use a net meter to export extra units and earn money as well as store power in batteries for load shedding and blackouts. The 35kW hybrid solar system costs the most in Pakistan since it uses a net meter and batteries. 

How Much Space Is Required for a 35 kW Solar System? 

Once more, this depends in part on the type of panels you use. This is because larger (in Watts) panels are a little more efficient than smaller ones.

The Appliances you can use on a 35 kilowatt Solar System in Pakistan 

The following important appliances can be powered by a 35 kilowatt system: Appliances Amount of fans Five Lights10 AC or Iron (only one device can be used at once)single refrigerator lone water pump One washing machine, one LED TV1. 

Price Determinants for a 35 KW Solar System in Pakistan

The costs of solar systems vary depending on the same variables regardless of the system you choose to employ. The system’s quality, the manufacturers, and other factors are some of the major determinants of the price of a 35 kva solar system in Pakistan.

The finest solar firm in Pakistan, Bright Energy, has always prioritized its mission before the bottom line. We has developed strategies to provide the most affordable 35kW solar system pricing in Pakistan with a strong objective to alter the country’s energy patterns.

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