4KW Solar System Price In Pakistan

Let me guide you about the 4kw solar system price in Pakistan. The world is evolving toward more advanced and dependable energy sources. Recently, solar energy has attracted a lot of attention worldwide. Due to the larger serious market that has grown in recent years, the price of Solar Solutions is now decreasing in Pakistan. Energy emergencies are a common occurrence for Pakistanis, and the cost of grid electricity is particularly high for the commercial and industrial sectors. In this approach, they have the chance to present a suitable replacement arrangement for the Solar Power system. A 4 kW solar system Price in Pakistan will average between 4,00000 and 450,000.

Item DetailsQtyUnit priceTotal price
Solar Panels Longi Himo 6 580 watt Mono Crystalline Half Cut Solar Panel A Grade Tier 1840185600
Inverter Fronus pv 5200 4.2 KW  on grid ( 5 year warranty )1150000150000
Frame Structure for Solar Panel L2 / Galvanized Structure ( we need it feasibility report ) Cost is estimated with L2 Structure 4480019200
Protection acessories breaker, DC breaker, safety breaker, nut bolt, cable tie, Dbox and other protection accessories  etc. (Estimated Price)11500015000
DC Cables flexible XLP 6 mm white copper 95 rupees per foot ( This price is based on Estimation11500015000
Total cost384800

It is a one-time investment, even though costs in Pakistan are relatively high compared to those in nations like India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and China. Once you purchase or install this solar panel system in your house, you may take advantage of limitless, cost-free electricity. All solar panel manufacturers offer a 25-year warranty on their accessories, particularly solar plates; thus, with regular maintenance, solar panels may produce electricity for at least 25 years.

Three obvious benefits of modern solar panel systems are their ability to save energy, reduce prices to zero, and benefit the environment. Every house has particular needs. Over a month, some people use more electrical units than others do. Based on your household’s unique needs, you can estimate the size of the solar system that would be suitable using the normal monthly units utilized. 

How many devices can you operate with 4 KW solar system?

Here is a comprehensive list of all the significant household appliances and electric gadgets that may be used in 4KW solar system: Pump, Water, 1.5-ton AC refrigerator, LED TVs and fans, 5–10 energy-saving devices or lights, and at least ten pressor portable charges. You may use a 4kW solar system in Pakistan to power a handful of these products. We primarily use these gadgets or equipment at home. 

How much money can you save a 4 KW solar system price in Pakistan? 

A 4KW solar system will provide at least 4000 to 5000 unit energy per year, or 15 units per day, 450 units per month, and 15 units per day. Due to the high cost of natural gas and oil, Pakistan’s per-unit pricing is also relatively expensive. These fossil fuels are the major energy source produced by our energy corporations. Nowadays, the cost per unit ranges from 20 to 30 rupees in Pakistan. You may save 300 to 400 rupees per month by doing this. If we calculate for the entire month, you may save between 9,000 and 10,000 rupees. 

Impacts of 4 KW Solar System Price in Pakistan 

A 4KW solar panel system price in Pakistan is affected by several variables. These consist of Solar panel quality and efficiency. High-quality panels with higher efficiencies may be more expensive initially, but they offer superior long-term performance. 

Kind of Inverter: The system’s overall cost may vary depending on the kind and brand of inverter utilized. There are power optimizers, microinverters, and string inverters on the market. 

Mounting Structure: The installation cost may vary depending on the type of mounting structure needed, such as roof or ground mounts.

Battery Storage: If you add battery storage to your system, the overall cost will increase. Batteries store any extra energy produced throughout the day for usage at night or during power shortages. 

Installation Complexity: The installation’s complexity, which includes elements like the state of the roof, the wiring, and accessibility, might affect the cost of the installation.

Location: The solar irradiation levels on your property are impacted by its geographic location, which directly influences the system’s efficiency and total cost. 

Selection of Best Solar System  

When selecting a 4KW solar panel system, it is crucial to consider the following factors: 

Quality and Efficiency: Pick solar panels with a better efficiency rating and a track record of success in your region. 

Solar panel: Choose solar panels with comprehensive warranties and solid customer service. 

Compatibility: Check that the system parts you’ve chosen, including the inverter and mounting system, are compatible. 

Financial viability: Evaluate the system’s return on investment, payback duration, and potential for future savings. 


Can a 4KW solar panel system power a house? 

Depending on the household’s energy demand and usage patterns, a 4KW solar panel system can meet a sizeable percentage of a home’s electrical requirements. 

4KW solar panel system can provide how much electricity? 

Depending on location, panel orientation, and shading, a 4KW solar panel system may provide between 4,800 and 6,000 kWh of power annually. 

Do solar panel installations have any financing options? 

To make solar panel installations more accessible for homes, several financial institutions and solar energy firms offer financing options, such as solar loans or leasing programs. 

How long does 4 KW solar panel installation take? 

Depending on the intricacy of the installation and the weather, installing a 4KW solar panel system normally takes one to three days.

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