Latest Electricity Unit Price in Pakistan

Electricity Unit Price in Pakistan is getting more expensive every day. The cost of power per unit varies based on the province in which you reside. In Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and KPK, there are divisional electric supply corporations that guarantee electricity delivery at various prices. Something you ought to be aware of. At that moment, how much does the Electricity Unit Price in Pakistan?

National Electric Power and Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) oversees and controls the entirety of Pakistan’s electrical supply. Nepra sets the electricity supply rate and prepares the structure for the Government of Pakistan. Pakistan’s water and electrical resources are under the control of WAPDA. In Pakistan, WAPDA is doing its part to guarantee the availability of water and energy. It also manages Pakistan’s new water and energy arrangements.

Update about Latest Electricity Unit Price in Pakistan

1- 100 UnitsRs. 22
101- 200 UnitsRs. 32
201- 300 UnitsRs. 37
301- 400 Units Rs. 43
401 – 500 UnitsRs. 47
501 – 600 Units Rs.49
601 – 700 UnitsRs.52
Above 700 Units Rs.65

The cost of power has increased to 65 rupees per unit following this rise. However, the unit minimum price has increased to 22 rupees. The cost of electricity has been raised further by NEPRA. It has been carried out under official government oversight.

This continuous increment of Electricity Unit Prices in Pakistan is the cause of huge bills. But due to this regular and fast increase in the price of electricity people are going to solar energy. They are using different solar systems to get rid of these huge electricity bills.

Pakistan’s Electricity Price Structure: 

The following is the country’s cost structure per unit of electricity:

  • Companies in Charge of Electric Supply
  • The unit rate determines how the unit price is used.
  • Meter Fare (applied to select users only)
  • Service fees (not always applicable)
  • Changes to the cost of fuel Charged with R-Surcharge
  • Tariff on QTR ADJ/DMC
  • The ruling government
  • TV fee, radio fee, general sales tax (GST), and electricity duty

How Can Your Electricity Bill Be Calculated?

Here is a comprehensive tutorial that will inform you about the entire process of calculating the cost. What factors affect your bill following a tariff increase, and how is it calculated? The units you use must then be multiplied by the basic tariff.

Taxes and head charges must be included after the addition of FAC. Additionally, we must verify whether or not your usage occurs during peak hours. If so, you must multiply the number of units in your pack by the pack and rate, then add the result to your payment.


Due to the increasing rates of electricity, you can use solar panels to reduce your Bill. If you need any information about the solar palen price in Pakistan, you can contact us. You can also get information about 1KW,3KW,5KW, 10KW and so solar system prices in Pakistan.

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