Solar Battery Price in Pakistan

Batteries are incorporated into solar systems to optimize the use of solar power because they offer backup power when needed. But first we have to what is Solar Battery Price in Pakistan? These batteries optimize solar energy utilization and store solar-harvested power to meet energy demands, making them perfect for off-grid systems. A battery stops too much power from being wasted, making it equally appropriate for a solar system connected to the grid. Moreover, this unused solar energy can be sold back to the grid if you have activated the Net Metering Facility. Batteries are one of the parts chosen for our solar systems after extensive testing, and our systems are equipped with equipment that meets worldwide standards.

The most frequently asked question by solar panel users or those wishing to install a solar system in Pakistan is how much solar batteries will cost, particularly if they want to include energy backup options in their approach. The best method for storing the extra energy produced by solar panels is to use batteries, which can be used as a backup during blackouts or other power outages. Alpha Solar provides affordable and top-notch solar batteries in Pakistan because we recognize how important it is to have the best solar batteries for power backup. 

High-quality, high-performance, and efficient solar batteries

In Pakistan, solar systems come with a variety of solar battery brands, with prices varying according to technology and capacity. Premier Energy wants to offer customers across all industries affordable solar solutions. In order to keep the solar system economical and within everyone’s budget, it adds reasonably priced, cheap batteries. Different types of Batteries.

Different Solar Battery Price in Pakistan

 The cost of Osaka solar batteries in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Osaka is the most reliable, popular, and superior solar battery. Osaka batteries provide a range of choices that are compatible with different kinds of solar panel systems in Pakistan. Their gel valve-regulated lead acid batteries and acid batteries are considered the best because they can be used with UPS systems and solar panels. The cost of the Osaka 12v 185Ah battery, however, ranges from Rs. 61,900 to Rs. 78,800.

The price of AGS solar batteries in Pakistan

Atlas Group owns the AGS solar battery brand. They are renowned for being of the highest calibre and are highly recommended as the best solar system batteries in Pakistan. AGS batteries come in a number of models. These batteries have a one-year replacement warranty and require little upkeep. In Pakistan, AGS solar batteries are priced between Rs. 62,800 and Rs. 79,700. This range is applicable to AGS batteries with 12v 185Ah to 12v 230Ah capacity.

 The price of Phoenix solar batteries in Pakistan

The best choice for solar panel systems is the Phoenix Deep Solar Battery series. Other options exist as well; for example, the VRLA Battery series may work well with solar panels. You have several options when it comes to Phoenix solar batteries, but they are all lead-acid models. The business does not provide lithium-ion batteries. The 12v 230Ah single Phoenix solar battery costs between Rs. 61,000 and Rs. 81,000 in Pakistan.

The price of Exide solar batteries in Pakistan

Lead-acid Exide batteries are versatile and can be utilized in solar panels and UPS systems, among other applications. For solar applications, Exide batteries are the best option in Pakistan for a number of reasons, including their affordability, efficiency, longevity, and durability. In Pakistan, Exide batteries for solar applications range in price from Rs. 60500 to Rs. 80600 for 185AH and 230AH 12v solar batteries.

Pakistani Prices for Narada Lithium Batteries for Solar Power System

Thanks to its long-lasting energy density, which makes it highly dependable and enables it to store more energy in a smaller size and weight, Narada has recently become the best solar battery in Pakistan. The longest-lasting lithium batteries are Narada batteries, whose performance holds up well over extended use. Depending on your needs and the battery size, the price of a Narada lithium battery for solar power in Pakistan may change. That being said, the Narada 48v 100Ah battery is available for purchase for between Rs. 530,700 and Rs. 550,300. 

Pakistani Daewoo Solar Battery Cost

Although the brand is relatively new to the solar battery market, its effectiveness and performance have made it well-known. Daewoo’s products have gained consumer trust due to their dependability and effectiveness. Daewoo Deep Cycle batteries are compatible with solar panels and UPS systems. A single Daewoo deep cycle battery costs approximately Rs. 68,800 in Pakistan when purchasing a 12-volt solar battery from Daewoo.

Pakistani Prices for PylonTech Lithium Batteries for Solar

 PylonTech lithium batteries are designed to deliver excellent energy density, rapid charging times, extended lifespans, and high performance. They can also be used with a variety of applications, such as backup power supplies and off-grid solar systems. The cost of a PylonTech 48-volt lithium battery for solar power in Pakistan ranges from 490,500 to 530,700 rupees.

 What Features Should I Check for When Buying Solar Batteries?

Sort of Batteries

When purchasing a solar battery, the first thing you should consider is the type of battery. Lead-acid and lithium-ion solar batteries are the two most well-known and dependable varieties in Pakistan. When it comes to solar system performance and efficiency, these battery choices have shown to be the best in the nation. 

Charge Cycle 

Selecting a battery with a higher charge cycle count will improve performance and efficiency and lengthen its lifespan. You can guarantee your energy storage solution’s superior longevity and dependability by choosing a battery with a higher charge cycle capacity.

 Depth of Ejection

It is essential to choose a solar battery with a sufficient depth of discharge capacity if you want to extend its life. This critical component guarantees that using the battery for more extended periods won’t negatively impact its performance.


In order to maximize the energy conversion and utilization of your solar panels, you must select a battery that performs exceptionally well and efficiently.

In summary

Purchasing the best solar battery available in Pakistan is necessary to guarantee a dependable energy backup system. Although Pakistan offers a variety of battery options, acid and lithium batteries are the most widely utilized. Because they cost more than other types of batteries for solar applications in Pakistan, lithium batteries are regarded as the best option there. Batteries reduce electricity costs and help power outages. Select the option that best suits your energy requirements and price range.

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