1kW Solar System Price In Pakistan

Do you require information on the 1kW solar system price in Pakistan 2023? Do you wish to switch to this free solar energy due to Pakistan’s expensive bills? Depending on the quality of the solar panels, the average cost in Pakistan for a 1 kW solar panel system in Pakistan ranges from 1500,00 to 2.00,000 rupees. Solar panels have a very high and long-lasting lifetime, provided you choose decent quality ones.

Technical Proposal for One Kilowatt Solar System

Item DetailsQtyPrice per unitUnit
PV Solar Panels / Longi 550 watt  Grade Tier 1 PV   ( 1100)242/watt46200
crown xavier inverter 1.2 kilowatt 13900039000
Installation CostNOS20002000
Structure L 2 C-Type2550011000
Protection  Complete DP Box ( SPDS, AC/DC breakers, safety breakers, cable ties, pipe duct, thimbles, and other accessories )NOS80008000
DC Cables 6mm Coil (Imported Cable, Flexible, Non Flammable)190/ yards5000
12 volt battery13000030000
Total Cost ( estimated )141200

We provide you solar panel price in Pakistan offer you high-quality solar panels. However, the price of a 1KW solar system in Pakistan can be based on several variables, including the solar panel quality, brand, type of inverter, battery type, and installation costs. It would help if you spoke with an excellent solar system installation provider to receive an exact price based on your unique requirements and locations. Low-grade solar panels will be cheaper if you spend less on them, but they will also be of extremely poor quality and performance. 

What is a 1KW Solar System?

A solar system that produces one kilowatt of electricity, or 1000 watts, is a 1KW system. It is appropriate for modest-sized households with a minimum consumption of 200 units or less. You may save money by lowering your electricity bill with this tiny 1-kW solar system. 

What is a 1kW Solar System Price In Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the price of a 1KW solar system can differ depending on several variables, including whether the type of solar panel is JA Solar, Jinko, or Canadian. The inverter’s name and kind. Power backup battery Installment fees In Pakistan, the price of a 1KW solar system can range from 150,000 to 200,000 PKR. However, the price may go down or up depending on other circumstances, such as shipping costs. 

How many devices can we power with 1KW? 

With 1 watt, we can power a lot of things. One TV or LED 3 fans, six bulbs or energy savers on this current capacity. We save 120 to 150 units each month. The price per unit in Pakistan is 20 Rupees. With these 1 kilowatt solar panels, you can save 4,000 to 5,000 Rupees monthly. Despite the high cost of solar panels, this is a one-time investment. After installation, you’ll enjoy the benefits of this free energy for at least 25 to 40 years.

How many solar panels are required to generate 1kW? 

Solar Panel: If you purchase solar plates that are 250 watts or less, then four solar plates are required to produce 1 kilowatt. Or you need to purchase two solar panels if you choose 500-watt solar panels. For solar panels, there are three additional requirements. Attaching solar panels to any accessories we want to power with solar energy is necessary. 

Frames: These are required for the installation of solar plates. Because we cannot place solar plates directly on the ground, we can fix them to iron frameworks. 

Batteries: Since there is no sunlight at night, you’ll need to store energy in batteries to utilise electrical gadgets. During the day, they will store any surplus energy solar panels generate. Humans may use this energy after being stored in batteries.

Alternator or UPS: It is the final component that solar panels also require. Solar energy may be enhanced and converted using this.

Last Words

Installing a 1KW solar power system is wise for households with low energy needs. During load shedding, you may receive backup power from this solar system. Additionally, this system can save you money by lowering the number of electrical appliances and, consequently, your power cost.

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