Livoltek inverter price in Pakistan

Livoltek inverter price in Pakistan

LIVOLTEK, a reputable supplier of solar inverters worldwide, is committed to offering a wide range of products to suit the diverse energy requirements of its residential, small-scale commercial, and industrial clientele. But what is Livoltek inverter price in Pakistan.With an unwavering dedication to providing comprehensive and localized services, LIVOLTEK inverters in Pakistan is pleased to present another energy innovation success.

Livoltek inverter price in Pakistan

The Livoltek inverter price in Pakistan GT1-1.6/2.2/3.0/3.3K-S1 is a cost-effective mini inverter for home use. With its precise MPPT algorithm and sophisticated topology. The GT1 series offers the highest conversion efficiency of up to 97.8%. It is appropriate for various global grid voltage ranges, primarily 220V and 230V. It is practical and simple, featuring dual wireless monitoring capabilities via Bluetooth and WiFi.

At the same time, The three-phase rooftop model of the LIVOLTEK GT3-4/5/8/10/12/15/17/20/22/25K-D1 photovoltaic inverter is designed for residential or commercial users. Even when the PV panels are only partially shaded, the inverter is guaranteed to optimize energy production by the Shade Fix integrated shading management system.

With a high safety factor, the machine has an integrated optional AFCI module to stop electrical fires brought on by abnormal arc faults in the electrical wiring. It is unquestionably the best option for sizable commercial and industrial power plants due to its ultra-low start-up voltage of 160V and extremely long working time.

LIVOLTEK inverters in Pakistan

The LIVOLTEK hybrid solution is a smart option for new photovoltaic systems to enhance your energy storage and utilization. The compact design, strong safety features, and exceptional performance of the LIVOLTEK hybrid bi-directional inverter make it an ideal choice for self-consumption with battery storage in homes and small businesses.

You can maximize your solar investment and enjoy energy independence with its integrated backup power function and automatic activation during a power outage. Its export power control feature and time-of-use shifts also help you save money on electricity bills. The special hybrid can be oversized up to 150% and provide up to 150% energy yield when used with certain solar panels.

The 5KTL inverter, for instance, enables you to support a 7.5 kW system, which consists of a 2.5 KW power battery charge for additional energy consumption during the night and a 5 kW full power AC output for daytime energy consumption. It indicates that your 5 kW inverter has 2.5 kW of hidden power that you can use for free, making your investment worthwhile. With its plug-and-play connectors, remote diagnosis and upgrade capabilities, and most useful features. So you can say that it is best for 5kw solars ystem.

The hybrid inverter saves you time and effort during tedious installations and maintenance. Its slim appearance complements the aesthetics of your home, while its compact design conserves space. Furthermore, this hybrid inverter can be easily expanded at any time and installed as a pure solar inverter now, with the option to retrofit storage later using either our lithium battery or a lead-acid battery.

Features of LIVOLTEK inverters

  • Time-saving Plug-and-play Installation of Integrated 
  • Dual MPPT Allows for Remote Maintenance
  • Zero-feed in external LCD box (optional)
  • Export Control System Operation 24/7 Monitoring both locally and remotely
  • Suitable for high-current photovoltaic modules
  • Ideal for both lithium and lead-acid batteries
  • Hybrid system for backup, off-grid, and on-grid applications

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