Tesla inverter price in Pakistan

Tesla inverter price in Pakistan

Many cutting-edge features are available on the Tesla solar inverter, designed to maximize solar energy usage and improve user satisfaction. There are different Tesla inverter price in Pakistan. Tesla Solar Inverter produces Maximum Solar Power Efficiency. From the Tesla range of solar inverters, the top-of-the-line Tesla Solar Inverter promises to transform solar power efficiency.

It is an essential part of any solar energy system, designed to convert the direct current (DC) power produced by solar panels into usable alternating current (AC) power to meet your home or business’s energy needs. With its maximum output, the inverter is ideal for smaller solar installations or as an add-on to a more extensive setup. Tesla inverter offers you Maximum Power from Solar Panels. Solar panels will generate more electricity for your consumption because of their high efficiency, enabling optimized energy conversion.¬†

Features of Tesla inverter in Pakistan

  • Users can track and store performance data over time with the inverter’s data logging and storage features. 
  • With the help of this feature, users can keep an eye on the output and efficiency of their solar energy system. 
  • Thanks to its built-in WiFi and 4G connectivity, the inverter can be accessed and controlled remotely with a mobile app. This feature ensures more flexibility and control by making monitoring and managing the solar energy system accessible from any location. 
  • The inverter is lithium battery compatible; it can be easily integrated with energy storage systems to improve energy management and storage capacity. Since the inverter complies with net metering standards, it can effortlessly integrate its solar energy system with the grid and obtain credits for excess energy fed back into the grid. 
  • Sensitive electronics are protected because the inverter generates a pure sine wave output, guaranteeing consistent and excellent power delivery to connected appliances and devices. 
  • The inverter facilitates the self-consumption of solar energy produced for on-site use and the feed-in of excess power to the grid, offering optimization and flexibility in energy usage.

Different features for Tesla inverter price in Pakistan

  • Energy management can be tailored to your needs and preferences, programming the supply priority for grid, battery, or PV (solar) sources. 
  • You can optimize battery charging and achieve specific requirements by adjusting the inverter’s charging current and voltage settings. 
  • The inverter provides multiple operation modes to meet different energy needs and scenarios, including grid-tie, off-grid, and grid-tie with backup. The monitoring software that comes with the inverter allows you to track the performance and functioning of the solar energy system in real-time. 
  • This software allows for real-time control and status display. 
  • You can parallel multiple inverters, offering scalability and increased power output for larger energy systems. Up to nine units can be supported.

Are Tesla inverters reliable?

The inverters’ efficiency level is on par with that of competitors.¬†Nonetheless, SolarEdge offers the market’s highest efficiency of 99% for solar inverters. A Tesla solar inverter’s CEC efficiency ranges from 97.5% to 240 volts. The 3.8 kW panel’s efficiency is slightly higher at 98.0% at 240 V.

 How much does a 6KW Tesla inverter price in Pakistan?

The price for the Tesla 6KW Hybrid Solar Inverter is Rs. 255,000 in Pakistan. 

Does Tesla have hybrid inverters?

If you combine solar with storage instead of a DC-coupled system, you still need a battery with its inverter, like the AC-coupled Powerwall. 

This is because the Tesla Solar Inverter is primarily intended to function as a stand alone rather than a hybrid inverter.

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