Best Hybrid Solar Inverter in Pakistan

Best Hybrid Solar Inverter in Pakistan

When a solar inverter and a battery inverter are combined into one device, the result is a hybrid solar inverter. Solar panel technology has a bright future ahead of it with hybrid inverters. Though they have been around for a while, hybrid inverters have recently become affordable for general use. As everyone knows, solar panels can significantly lower our monthly electricity costs but also need some upkeep.

Hybrid inverters fill that need. The Fronus inverter, TESLA Hybrid Solar Inverter, Crown Elego and Hybrid Solar Inverter are the Solar’s best hybrid inverters available in Pakistan. They simplify the process of using solar energy and, more crucially, lower the cost. One great illustration of how technology is constantly enhancing people’s lives everywhere is hybrid inverters. These gadgets lower your monthly power bill while improving your solar panels’ efficiency. 

A Hybrid Solar Inverter:

A hybrid inverter is one kind of photovoltaic (PV) system that is intended to be more dependable than a typical grid-tie system. A tiny battery that can be charged by the solar system and used to generate power when the sun isn’t shining is a feature of hybrid systems.

Pakistani hybrid inverters produce electricity by combining solar and grid power. Their battery is meant to remain charged all the time. In this manner, you have power even without the sun! The best thing about hybrid inverters is that they help you break free from grid dependency, which lowers your carbon footprint.

Best hybrid solar inverter in Pakistan

While many hybrid inverters are currently available in Pakistan, these two stand out as the greatest of the best. We can help you to get the best solar inverters in Pakistan. Two types of inverters are available: the Maxpower Sunbridge 1000 (900W) and the Fronus 4.2kW.

Inverex solar inverters

Inverex is a famous brand in Pakistan that offers super-quality inverts in different price ranges. I will briefly touch them one by one.

Nitrox inverter series:

Inverxe offers a nitrox series for hybrid solar inverters, which are IP 66. This means these inverters are dust- and waterproof. These inverters are very costly but have premium quality.

Veyron Inverter series:

The inverse Veyron series of intersex inverters is costly if I compare it to the Yukon hybrid series, which has very good quality. But the Nitrox series of inverter inverters are top-quality brands.

Inverex Yukon hybrid series:

The Inverex Yukon hybrid series of Inverex is a budget-quality inverter. It means these inverters are cheaper than the Nitorx Veyron series of Inverex inverters.

Solis solar inverters

Solis hybrid inverters are famous for their premium quality product. It is an international brand. These inverters work with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, enabling the integration with battery storage. Solis Hybrid Inverters offer smart monitoring systems that allow homeowners and businesses to track their energy production, consumption, and storage in real-time through apps or web-based platforms.

These inverters are famous for their high conversion efficiency. Solis Hybrid Inverters include numerous protections, such as overcharge and short circuit protection.

Fronus hybrid inverters

Fronus hybrid inverters, for the First Time in Pakistan, come with high MPPT. These inverters have a Built-in Solar Charge Controller. They are pure sine wave inverters and are compatible with wifi. Fronus Hybrid Inverters come with a Built-in Anti-dust kit for harsh environments. They have a smart battery charge design to optimize battery life. Fronius hybrid inverters are Compatible with Lithium, supercapacitor, Acid, and Tubular batteries.

Crown solar inverters

Crown solar inverters is a strong and reliable name of brand. They bring moderate steadiness. Crown Solar Inverter kept up the good work and sought to spread its influence throughout the world while maintaining its legacy of prosperity. The Crown solar inverter has a high conversion efficiency of up to 98.3%. It can convert more solar energy into usable electricity, resulting in significant cost savings for users. The Crown solar inverter is weatherproof and suitable for all outdoor environments. It also comes with built-in wifi connectivity for easy monitoring and control. The Crown solar inverter comes with intelligent battery management technology that ensures efficient battery charging and prolongs the lifespan of the batteries.

Galaxy hybrid solar inverters

Galaxy hybrid solar inverters are Dual output for smart load management. They offer Maximum PV input current. Galaxy hybrid solar inverters has Wide PV input voltage. They have Built-in Wifi for mobile monitoring (Android/iOS App available). Galaxy hybrid solar inverters have Battery independent design,and Battery equalization extends life cycle.They haveBuilt-in anti-dust kit.

Benefits of Installing a Hybrid solar Inverter?

Autonomous Power Transition

The ability to smoothly transition between solar and grid power is another benefit of the best hybrid inverters. As a result, unlike if you installed a standalone inverter, you won’t ever have to worry about manually switching between solar and grid power.

Extended Lifespan of Solar Panels

Your solar panels will last longer if you install a hybrid solar inverter, which is the first benefit. As we just discussed, hybrid inverters lessen the maintenance that your solar panels need. As a result, you won’t need to swap out your solar panels as frequently. Long-term financial savings are also guaranteed because buying new solar panels every few years can get pricey.

Autonomous Power Reserve

To have power whenever you need it, installing a battery would be necessary if you were to install a standalone inverter. However, the battery is already included in a hybrid inverter. This implies that you won’t ever bother manually installing a battery, which can be difficult and costly.

Does My Electricity Bill Get Lower With a Hybrid solar Inverter?

Yes, Because a hybrid inverter boosts the efficiency of your solar panels, it will undoubtedly help you save money on your monthly electricity bills. With a hybrid inverter, you can also store solar energy in a battery for cloudy or winter days or when you don’t have access to sunlight.

What is the cost in Pakistan of a 7kW hybrid solar inverter?

In Pakistan, the average cost of a 7kW hybrid solar system. The average cost of a hybrid 7kW solar system is between PKR 1,100,000 and 1,200,000. This represents the total cost, including the mounting structure’s price, installation, batteries, inverter, and solar panels. On-grid and off-grid capabilities are combined in hybrid solar systems.

Which One Is Better to Purchase?

Although hybrid solar inverters in Pakistan cost slightly more than standalone inverters, they are more dependable and efficient. The wattage of your solar panels and whether you’re installing a grid-tie system or a grid-tie with a battery backup system are two factors that affect the cost of hybrid inverters in Pakistan. 

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