3.2 kW Solar Inverters Prices in Pakistan

With the global energy transition toward renewable and sustainable sources, solar power has emerged as the front-runner in the hunt for green energy solutions. 3.2 kW solar inverters are popular for small to medium-sized households in Pakistan.So we should know about the 3.2 kW Solar Inverters Prices in Pakistan

 Pakistan, with its ample sunlight, is no exception to this trend. The system that transforms the direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into usable alternating current (AC) for homes and commercial buildings must include solar inverters.

Understanding the 3.2 kW Solar Inverters Price Factors

A 3.2 kW solar inverter in Pakistan is well-suited for residential use, capable of handling the electricity needs of a small family. Its job is to efficiently convert the DC (direct current) energy produced by your solar panels into AC (alternating current), which powers most of the appliances in your home. This capacity is often recommended for homes with moderate energy needs, including lighting, fans, televisions, and smaller appliances. 

Price Factors

Several factors influence the price of a 3.2 kW solar inverter in Pakistan, including Brand and Quality. Premium brands known for their reliability and efficiency tend to cost more.

Type of Inverter: Prices vary significantly between string inverters, microinverters, and hybrid inverters, each offering different benefits for solar energy systems.

Features: Additional features like Wi-Fi monitoring, battery backup compatibility, and integrated DC switches can affect the price.

Warranty and After-sales Service: Longer warranty periods and better customer service can increase prices but offer peace of mind.

3.2 kW Solar Inverters Prices in Pakistan

The price of a 3.2 kW solar inverter in Pakistan can range from PKR 120,000 to PKR 350,000. But with time, its prices have increased with modern features providing advanced features and warranties. It is significant to remember that changes in import taxes, currency valuation, and the state of the global market can all affect prices. check the Inverex 3.2 kW Price in Pakistan

Best Choices and Brands

Several reputable brands offer 3.2 kW solar inverters in Pakistan, each with unique selling points. 

  • Inverex Veryon 3.2KW Solar Inverter: A leader in solar technology, these inverters are top-of-the-line with superior efficiency and monitoring capabilities. Its price is Rupees 180000
  • Inverex Aerox III 3.2kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter: This solar inverter has new technology. Its price is Rupees 110000
  • Power 3.2 KW Off Grid MPPT Solar Inverter: It can run without batteries, energy shared from utility and solar to loads simultaneously or alternatively. It’s price is Rupees 65000
  • FRONUS Xeon 3.2 KVA Hybrid SOLAR INVERTER Price in Pakistan: A dependable and high-quality solar inverter offered in Pakistan is the FRONUS Xeon 3.2 KVA Solar Inverter. For use in residences, workplaces, and other commercial settings, it is intended to convert DC power from solar panels into AC power effectively. It’s price is Rupees 85000
  • Glaxy plotu pv 5200 Is my choice and best inverter with in 3.2 kilowatt range it is duale pv and duale out inverter. It will cost Rupees 108000
  • Growatt: Known for its efficiency and reliability, Growatt offers inverters with smart monitoring systems.
  • Solis: Solis inverters are praised for their durability, performance, and competitive pricing.

Installation Costs Of 3.2 kW solar inverter in Pakistan

While the inverter is a significant cost, installation charges and additional components (like wiring, mounting systems, and protection devices) also contribute to the overall expense. For the best deal, get quotes from several vendors and installers. Furthermore, consider the long-term savings on electricity bills when evaluating the initial investment. 

Final Thoughts about 3.2 kW Solar Inverters

Investing in a solar energy system, including a 3.2 kW solar inverter in Pakistan, can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and electricity costs. However, conducting thorough research is crucial, and choosing a product that balances price with quality, features, and after-sales support. With the right inverter, you can ensure a steady supply of clean energy for your home for years.

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