Electric Stove Price In Pakistan

Due to its convenience, safety, and energy economy, electric stoves have become a piece of typical household equipment in Pakistan. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the brand, features, and quality all affect electric stove price in Pakistan. Electric stoves have revolutionized kitchen design and improved cooking efficiency in this new era of kitchen appliances. Electric stove brands in Pakistan present the greatest choices for their clients by producing products in a variety of colors, designs, and technological setups. This electric stove system is best for thoes who use solar system in their homes. 

Pricing Table

sogo JPN-6648200sogo hot plate model JPN-664
sogo JPN-665, Ceramic heating plate9500sogo hot plate model JPN-665
sogo JPN-666, Ceramic heating plate9900sogo JPN-666, Ceramic heating plate

Characteristics of electric stoves 

  • Electric cooktops make your hectic schedule easier and give your kitchen more aesthetic appeal. 
  • It contains some positives as well as some negatives. 
  • They are not demanding at the time of cleaning. 
  • There are fewer safety risks with electric burners.
  • The cost of electric stoves is lower in Pakistan than elsewhere.
  • These stoves cook food more slowly. 

Electric stove types of heating systems 

There are several different heating systems available for electric stoves. Electric stoves with a heating coil turn electrical energy into thermal energy. Electric stoves with induction systems rely on the electromagnetic field, whereas flat ceramic top stoves have concealed induction systems. For heating, the induction system makes use of extremely effective electromagnets

Electric Integrated stoves 

The most energy-efficient electric stoves employ magnetic fields to produce heat, making induction stoves the best choice. Compared to coil stoves, they heat up more quickly and are safer to use because the surface is always cool to the touch. While induction stoves are more expensive than coil and smooth-top stoves, they provide significant long-term energy savings.

Electric Coil heaters 

The most fundamental kind of electric stoves are coil stoves. They have coiled wire heating elements that heat up as power flows through them. They are readily accessible and reasonably priced. Although they often take longer to heat up than other types of stoves, they might be more energy-efficient. 

Smooth-Top Stoves 

On the glass-ceramic surface of smooth-top stoves, there are embedded heating components. Although they are more expensive than coil stoves, they provide faster heating and better energy efficiency. Since there are no crevices where food can get lodged, they are easier to clean than coil stoves. 

Factors Affecting Electric Stove Price in Pakistan  


The brand significantly influences the price of the stove. Costlier than regional brands like PEL, Dawlance, and Orient are international ones like Siemens, Bosch, and Haier.

International brands cost more because of their superior features, higher quality, and better reputation. 


The price of the stove is also influenced by its size. A larger, more expensive stove will have more burners than a smaller one. The buyer’s needs and the size of the kitchen should be taken into account when determining its size. 


The stove’s price will depend on the degree of convenience and automation it provides. Its price will go up if it has modern features like safety measures, self-cleaning ovens, and digital controls. 


The electric stove price in Pakistan is affected by different features. There is an electric stove for every budget and requirement on the market in Pakistan, albeit prices vary depending on the model, brand, size, and features. The most basic and cost-effective stoves are coil stoves, whereas smooth-top stoves and induction stoves provide greater convenience and energy efficiency at a higher cost.

International brands like Siemens, Bosch, and Haier cost more than local names but offer greater features and longer-lasting products, making them a wise long-term investment. Follow the Graana blog for more information if you’re interested in learning more about microwave ovens.

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